Are you addicted to Poshmark like I am? If you are like me, there are only a certain amount of items you have in your closet to sell. What can you do to keep the sales flowing without giving up the beloved items in your closet? Well…there are a few ways to get your hands on more items to sell.

  1. selling for someone else
  2. reselling an item (i.e. purchasing an item at a low cost and selling it for a higher amount than you originally paid)
  3. wholesale
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Suggested Users, Hosting Posh Parties, Retail Certification

Can’t get enough of Posh? I can’t either!

If you want to become more involved (and to get more followers!), Posh offers various ways to do so. First, there is the Suggested User program, which I highly recommend. Second, is hosting a Posh party. Third (which is optional depending on what route you want to go with Posh) is getting Retail Certification.

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