Suggested Users, Hosting Posh Parties, Retail Certification

Can’t get enough of Posh? I can’t either!

If you want to become more involved (and to get more followers!), Posh offers various ways to do so. First, there is the Suggested User program, which I highly recommend. Second, is hosting a Posh party. Third (which is optional depending on what route you want to go with Posh) is getting Retail Certification.

Suggested Users

Being a suggested user means that you are basically an ambassador for Poshmark. Your account is in good standing, you have an awesome sales history, and you are a stellar member of the Posh community. Why become a suggested user? You get MORE followers = MORE sales! When you are a suggested user Poshmark will periodically recommend your profile to users who match your style and size. I just became a suggested user in September. Its been about 7 months and my followers have grown by more than 90X!

So how do you become a suggested user?

  1. Well, your account has to be in good standing. Do not have unsupported items in your closet, do not become involved with unauthorized transactions (trades or Paypal), and stay in line with the community guidelines.
  2. You must be a member of the Posh community for at least 3 months.
  3. Have a full closet. A full closet means at least 25 items listed with at least 3 successful sales.

If you are reading this and you feel like I am writing about you, take the next step and email posh to become a member of the suggested users program. Just send a polite email to to get started! Be patient though, it may take months to get approved.

Hosting a Posh Party

I have hosted a Posh Party once and I cannot wait to get on the list to do it again! It was so much fun! You do not have to be a suggested user to host a party, anyone can as long as you follow a few guidelines:

  1. Your account has to be in good standing. Like I wrote before, do not have unsupported items in your closet, do not become involved with unauthorized transactions (trades or Paypal), and stay in line with the community guidelines. If you are going to be a Posh Party host, its going to open up visibility of your profile to the community…and Posh wants a closet that is a reflection of what they stand for.
  2. Have a full closet of at least 25 items.
  3. You must be a member of the Posh community for at least 3 months.

Becoming a Posh party host takes some time as well. It may take months to get approved (remember there are tons of other Poshers out there who are eager to host a party as well). Once you get approved, Posh will provide a list of dates and times and ask which one is good for you. They will also ask if you would like to host either the 12PM or 7PM posh party. Personally, I prefer the 7PM. I just feel like there are more Poshers on at this time, which equals more visibility.

Once you get approved to host, you get to pick at least 50 items for host picks. This may sound easy, but it’s much harder than you think. The listings you choose for host picks must also have accounts that are in good standing….so you have to go through each listings closet to make sure it does not violate any Poshmark policies. Being a Posh party host is not all work though, I was able to connect with so many great Poshers out there, it was just an amazing time. I cannot wait to host another party again (I have to wait at least 3 months from my last party to sign up again).

If you are interested in hosting a posh party, send a polite email to to get the ball rolling.

Getting Retail Certification

Retail Certification means that you are able to order from the wholesalers listed in Poshmark. This means that you are able to buy items in bulk at a discounted rate to sell in your closet.

You can easily sign up for retail certification. No payment is required. It just requires a few simple steps of agreeing to Poshmarks terms for Retail Certifcation. There are 3 things that you are agreeing to:

  1. The New With Tags (NWT) Retail items you are selling are purchased directly from a distributor and not from a retail store.
  2. The original cover photo that is listed is one that you took yourself (you can ask the distributor if it is okay to use their cover shots as well)
  3. Will be sold with the upmost customer service

Once you get retail certification you open up a whole new world of the Wholesale Portal. I am absolutely in love with the idea of the Wholesale Portal. It makes it so easy for beginner boutiques to get started with buying from distributors. I used it as a stepping stone, then moved onto purchasing from distributors I found myself outside of Poshmark. Why go wholesale? I will go on about this on another post.

If you are interested in retail certification, its easy to sign up via the mobile app via the retail tools button. With just a few simple clicks, you are on your way to wholesale heaven.

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