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I usually get asked if I will trade an item on Poshmark….and the answer is always no. Why may you ask? Well, its an unauthorized transaction on Poshmark. Why does that matter? Because unauthorized transactions are not Poshmark protected. I am not saying that I do not trust my fellow Poshettes, but with those selected few, you may not get the item you actually traded for. Lets say that you wanted to trade for my Michael Kors Selma bag for a Rebecca Minkoff cross body. When we complete the trade and I rip open the package on the doorstep expecting to finally have my hands on a gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff, I find a dirty cross body from Walmart. Ugh…what can I do now? I cannot report this to Poshmark, it was an unauthorized transaction. I can try and try to get a hold of the other trader and beg them to send me the correct one, but I cannot make them undo the trade. They knew they were sending me something else. So what happens next? I am out of luck with one less Michael Kors bag and a dirty cross body in my hands. Sorry, but this just does not sound appealing to me. I would not touch a trade even with a ten foot pole.

***Also, I am a suggested user and if Poshmark found out I traded, they would take away my suggested user status. So if you do want to gain that suggested user status one day, you do not want to take part in unauthorized transactions.

I actually post no trades or paypal on all of my listings. I do get those selected few who do not read the listing and ask if I will trade, but at least it filters out most of the people who would like to ask to trade.

Why do I not do paypal? Its an unauthorized transaction as well. Plus, I just do not understand paypal (I am technologically challenged haha).

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