Poshmark Top 10 Tips

So first of all…why Posh?

Poshmark is a great platform to meet other fashionistas and to buy and sell clothing. I created my Posh account in 2012 and just never got into it. It was an app that I downloaded and kind of just forgot about (like 80% of the apps I download). I never intended to sell on Posh. I tried to start off on Ebay…but it was just too hard to understand. I needed a platform that was easy to navigate, where I could concentrate on just selling my clothes, not posting countless descriptions about them.

I really got into Poshmark just last year in 2015. After posting my first listing I realized how easy it was to sell items on there…and I was hooked. I started selling my gently used clothing and most recently I started purchasing from wholesalers to sell never been worn retail items. I did not get the idea about wholesalers until Poshmark released their new Wholesale Portal tool (I will go into this on another post).

Enough with how I got started and how much I love Posh. Let me give you some tips to get you started if you are a beginner.

  1. Create good cover shots. I believe this is the most important one out of all the tips. Try to use natural light instead of artificial light to best capture the true color of the item. I only post new items during midday where I can get the best lighting. I used to take pictures of items during the night, but I noticed that it cast too many shadows and the pictures just did not pop. I like to take my cover shots on clean work areas like wood, white fur, or marble tops. I also stay away from filtering my cover shots too much, you want the item to look as real as possible.
  2. Be as descriptive as possible. Try to describe your item to the best of your ability. Poshers are purchasing items online, they are trusting you to sell an item to them, which they hope will look exactly like it does in the description. DO NOT, DO NOT withhold information just to sell your item. This will only make your buyers mad, which gives you a smaller chance of them returning to shop your closet. For example: If I list a dress, I will go into what kind of cut it is, the color, if there are any zippers, if it was used, and sometimes the bust, wait, and hip size. I usually approximate the measurements since I am not a seamstress, but it gives a good idea of how it may sit.
  3. Do not price your used items more than 50% of the original cost. If you are not ready to let it go for less than 50% off, you are probably not ready to part from it. Yea, that used Micheal Kors bag was your best friend and stayed by your side for years and it is still amazing and gorgeous in your eyes. To someone else, this is used, its probably out of season. Its probably not worth the original price anymore, but maybe it is worth less than 50% off.
  4. Be open to offers. Have a set discount that you will just not go below. I usually do not accept offers less than 50% of my asking price.
  5. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. You share, I share, we all share! More shares = more likes = more purchases! I am constantly sharing on Poshmark. I share my closet 3 times a day (usually during peak Posh hours). When I am not sharing my closet, I am sharing other Poshers closets.
  6. SHARE to parties! Posh hosts 3 parties at 9 AM, 12 PM, and 7 PM. The first one at 9 AM is usually a set group of brands that Poshmark wants to market. The second one at 12 PM consists of one category like makeup, tops, or dresses/skirts. The third one at 7 PM consists of one trend. I like to share during these peak hours of the day because more Poshers are on the app at this time…which equals more shares! I would also recommend signing up to be a host for one of the parties (you can currently sign up to host either the 12PM or 7PM party) . If you are a beginner, sign up as soon as you can since it may take months to get approved and to get a select date to host.
  7. Be quick with your responses. Nothing irks me more than not getting a response after you ask a question. I understand that sometimes life gets in the way and some individuals are not avid Poshers, but it is the worst when you are interested in a product and you cannot get more details about it! It goes the other way as well…I cannot stand it when someone asks about my product…but does not say anything back when I answer them…they just disappear *whoosh!* Do not be afraid to sound too eager. We are all here to buy/sell. Its like being in an actual retail store, you do not want to be ignored, you want to be noticed, you want a quick response!
  8. Pack your item with care. I like to wrap my packages with love (I know, its corny). I invest in tons of wrapping paper, tissues, ribbon…you name it. It does not hurt to include a nice, handwritten note either.
  9. Be a fast shipper. Posh generally allows 7 days for a seller to ship the item, anything longer and the buyer has the choice to cancel the order. I generally ship within 1-2 days after the purchase.
  10. Avoid trades and Paypal. I avoid these two things like the plague. First of all, all Poshmark transactions are protected…except for these two things. If you trade with another Posher for a Coach bag, but receive something from Walmart…sorry to tell you hun, but you are not going to get anything back for your unfair trade. Posh also does not want anything to go through Paypal (maybe it is because they want to collect 20% of your earnings), but avoid this too. If you want to become a host of a party one day, they will check to see if you do any unauthorized transactions.

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