Floral Multicolored Playsuit

Floral Romper, Romper, Floral

I know, another romper…but I just can’t get enough of them right now! I love, love, LOVE them! My love for rompers started with summer dresses, I wore them all the time. I loved how they were flowy and just so easy to throw on and leave the house. When rompers came out, I was awestruck. How was I not the person who thought of this? Its even better than a dress! No more worries about sitting down or if there is a sudden gust of wind. I could do whatever I wanted in a romper! There is a downside when you inevitably have to go to the bathroom…but still…fashion equals pain and I will take the hit.

Heres the link to the romper: Floral Multicolored Romper ($65, available only in a Medium)

Don’t worry, those gorgeous lace up heels are available on my Poshmark as well: Black Suede Gillie Heel ($130, Size 7)


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