Fashion Finds

Fashion Finds

I will be adding a new category called “Fashion Finds”. I will be posting items in Posh compliant closets that I find and adding a direct link to the closet. Hopefully, this will help increase visibility to these Poshers closets. How will I determine if these items are Fashion Finds?

  1. They will be from Posh compliant closets
  2. They must have great cover shots! It does not help to have unclear, dark, too many filters cover shots. It just makes it hard for the buyer to clearly see what the item looks like.
  3. And of course, the item must be available at the time of posting.

Thats about it! I will be scouring Poshmark to find the perfect Fashion Finds for my blog. If you like, you can leave a comment as well and I will check out your closet =)

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