Fashion Finds

Fashion Finds

I will be adding a new category called “Fashion Finds”. I will be posting items in Posh compliant closets that I find and adding a direct link to the closet. Hopefully, this will help increase visibility to these Poshers closets. How will I determine if these items are Fashion Finds?

  1. They will be from Posh compliant closets
  2. They must have great cover shots! It does not help to have unclear, dark, too many filters cover shots. It just makes it hard for the buyer to clearly see what the item looks like.
  3. And of course, the item must be available at the time of posting.

Thats about it! I will be scouring Poshmark to find the perfect Fashion Finds for my blog. If you like, you can leave a comment as well and I will check out your closet =)

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Floral Multicolored Playsuit

Floral Romper, Romper, Floral

I know, another romper…but I just can’t get enough of them right now! I love, love, LOVE them! My love for rompers started with summer dresses, I wore them all the time. I loved how they were flowy and just so easy to throw on and leave the house. When rompers came out, I was awestruck. How was I not the person who thought of this? Its even better than a dress! No more worries about sitting down or if there is a sudden gust of wind. I could do whatever I wanted in a romper! There is a downside when you inevitably have to go to the bathroom…but still…fashion equals pain and I will take the hit.

Heres the link to the romper: Floral Multicolored Romper ($65, available only in a Medium)

Don’t worry, those gorgeous lace up heels are available on my Poshmark as well: Black Suede Gillie Heel ($130, Size 7)


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Suggested Users, Hosting Posh Parties, Retail Certification

Can’t get enough of Posh? I can’t either!

If you want to become more involved (and to get more followers!), Posh offers various ways to do so. First, there is the Suggested User program, which I highly recommend. Second, is hosting a Posh party. Third (which is optional depending on what route you want to go with Posh) is getting Retail Certification.

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Poshmark Top 10 Tips

So first of all…why Posh?

Poshmark is a great platform to meet other fashionistas and to buy and sell clothing. I created my Posh account in 2012 and just never got into it. It was an app that I downloaded and kind of just forgot about (like 80% of the apps I download). I never intended to sell on Posh. I tried to start off on Ebay…but it was just too hard to understand. I needed a platform that was easy to navigate, where I could concentrate on just selling my clothes, not posting countless descriptions about them.

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Spring Florals

Ivory Rose Romper, romper, rose, ivory, spring, floral

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE floral prints and rompers. What better time to wear them than spring? I love this romper because it is light and flowy. Its the perfect piece to wear on a hot day. It comes with a deep v neck, which can be easily adjustable with the use of some fashion tape.

Get it here: Ivory Rose Romper ($35, available in various sizes…for now).

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